Women's History Month Featured Guest: Female Founder of a Wellness Startup in UAE, Dinara Zhumabek

dinara zhumabek

Dinara Zhumabek


Dinara Zhumabek is a principal co-founder of a wellness startup, connecting world class personal trainers with people like you and I. She has come up with this idea after solving her own problem of finding a great personal trainer and not go broke, while doing it. She is a private equity professional with transaction and turnaround experiencing in MENA, Central Asia & Turkey and Sub-Sahara Africa. Her professional experience includes - management consulting in top global consulting firms like McKenzie. She studied in the US, Japan and France and has a well rounded view of the world. She shared her experience being a female professional in a heavily male dominated world of private equity and her advice on how to be successful. 

Being confident and humble is important
In this episode, you'll discover:
  • Transitioning from equity firm into a wellness start up
  • Working and doing business in the Middle East
  • How to create a team that complements each other
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