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About me

Ever since I started kindergarten, I was passionate about learning and I excelled at it. The only thing that was always creeping into my thinking was that most of the classes I took and information received seemed utterly subjective and withheld centrally. Therefore, now I am committed to bringing real life experts from different walks of life to share different perspectives and paths to success with you.

Our values

We breathe to learn

Learning is at the heart of our community. Our learners learn by reading, analyzing, discussing and engaging with one another, performing exercises and quizzes. Our contributors learn by publishing, editing content, giving feedback to our learners, by discussing and engaging with one another. We all learn as a community.

We have Compassion to share and help

Our purpose is to give education for free to those who cant afford to pay.

We are passionate about success

We work hard and appreciate people who work hard. This applies to the whole community. We want all of us to succeed. Learners succeed by gaining knowledge and applying it to achieve financial freedom and a more fulfilling lives. Our contributors succeed by sharing their knowledge and learning about teaching, gaining bigger following and finding a deeper satisfaction from collaboration with equally intellectual and successful people.

Sincerely yours,

Anar Umurzakova

Anar Umurzak