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Christina Batipps, MBA


Christina is an analytical marketer with creativity on the brain. She works exclusively with small businesses in the creative and cultural sectors, including creative retail brands, nonprofits, restaurants, and more. She has a passion for taking time to deeply understand a brand’s voice, mission, and goals, and helping them to uncover new strategies and increase engagement. Christina specializes in growing brand presence and driving sales through executing customized social media, email, and blog development strategies. As a digital expert with a BA in English from Columbia University, MBA in marketing from Emory University, and over a decade of experience working as a museum curator and in other roles at cultural and creative corporations, she is uniquely positioned to understand and address the digital marketing challenges and goals of creatives and creative businesses

In this episode, you'll discover:
  • Our guest's journey from a museum curator to a corporate marketing strategist to a business owner
  • Strategies used to figure out your target customer and ways to work in your niche
  • Special tips to recent immigrants on how to integrate into business communities and create your own in your business field
  • Local events and organizations that will be helpful, if you are a local business in Greater Washington DC area
Resources Mentioned:
  • Hera Hub
  • DC Start-up Week

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