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Ina Gjikondi


As a leadership coach and Director of Executive Education and Coaching at George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, Ina Gjikondi is a change agent. Her passion is creating experiences for people around the world to awaken and enhance their leadership abilities and creative capacities. The goal: Bring the whole self — mind, body, soul, and spirit — into one’s life and work. Life often involves transitions, and hers includes civil society activist, political organizer and lawyer in her native Albania, executive coach for an array of leaders in U.S. government, teacher, wife, and mother. The sum of those experiences has enriched her abilities to help people step into their creative realm and become the whole, present, and practical leaders they desire to be. Dream the work — and manifest it.

Through your work, you are generating new knowledge
In this episode, you'll discover:
  • How to champion and develop a completely new venture within the walls of an established organization
  • When are the best times to pursue a new degree or seek new knowledge
  • How e-Co Leadership Coaching differs from other types of coaching  

Resources Mentioned:
  • E-co leadership coaching

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