Brand Archetypes: find your business identity

amy zander

Amy Zander


Amy Zander is a CEO and Founder of Zeedia Media, marketing services company. She is a serial-entrepreneur who has owned five businesses. Some worked out, some didn’t, one she sold, and for the last several years Amy has built a full-time gig doing the one she loves the most – marketing. More specifically – supporting business owners and creative people in their marketing efforts so they have the time to focus on doing what they love – and to actually have a life outside of work.

In this episode, you'll discover:
  • Brand archetypes and how this concept can help you create consistent content that communicates your brand
  • Emotions and words, corresponding to you brand archetype
  • How to combine certain archetypes and create your own unique one
  • Inspirational advice from our guest, Amy Zander, about dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Tips for working with family and what Amy thinks about family business
  • Management philosophy that has made Amy successful
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